Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Finance available?
Unfortunately we do not offer finance as we believe in keeping our costs down to be able offer the best possible prices to compliment our superior products.  We do, however, accept credit and debit cards at no charge.

2. Can I get a quote via email or over the phone?
Yes you can, however, to ensure that we are giving you an accurate quote we like to pop out and see you to assess your requirements.  We don't believe in pushy, mis-leading sales tactics and we don't pressure you to buy from us - please don't panic we don't sit in your house for hours on end trying to sell to you.  We take your ideas away, work out the price and then send it to you in the post or by email.

3. How long is your guarantee?
When we supply and fit one of our superior quality windows, doors or conservatories we offer a 10 year, no quibble guarantee as standard.  This guarantee is insurance backed for 10 years by the Double Glazing and Conservatory Scheme (DGCOS) - the market leaders in consumer protection.

4. Are there any benefits if I recommend a friend?
Firstly, thank you for thinking about recommending us to a friend, family member or neighbour.  As a thank you we are delighted to offer £25.00 to you to everyone you recommend to us and who subsequently purchases one of our products.

5. Is there a minimum order value?
Absolutely not - we don't believe in forcing our customers to buy a whole house when they can only afford one window at a time.  We are more than happy to provide an individual quote for every room in your house giving you the opportunity to pick and choose which installations to go ahead with.

6. Do you repair other companies products?
Unfortunately it is not always possible to repair other companies products due to the lack of availability of older parts.  However, please don't hesitate to give us a call and we will gladly try and help wherever we can.

7. Do you offer Supply Only?
Yes we do - we are one of the largest suppliers of UPVC windows to the trade and public.  Our state of the art factory is on the Carr Lane Ind. Est., Hoylake.

8. What locks do you use?
As the Wirral's only Rehau UPVC manufacturer we only source the best possible products to go with our superior quality Rehau windows, doors and conservatories.  All our Yale window and Fuhr door locking mechanisms exceed insurance requirements and their Secure by Design acceditations ensure they meet stringent police guidelines as well.

9. How long will my home consultation last?
As long or as little time as you want it to.  Our experienced sales team will gladly guide you with their expectional product knowledge but under no circumstances will they pressure you to buy from us.

10. What is the time frame from start to finish?
This all depends on what you purchase from us.  Most installations are completed within 3-4 weeks of you giving us the go ahead although conservatories may take longer and this lead time may be increased slightly during the busy summer and autumn months as everyone prepares themselves for the oncoming winter.

11. What is secondary glazing and do you offer it?
Secondary glazing is a very old fashioned, cumbersome and inefficient way to glaze your property.  We don't offer secondary glazing but we are more than confident that we have a product that will suit your requirements instead.

12. How long does double glazing last?
In theory double glazing has a limitless lifespan.  We offer a ten year guarantee as standard on all our double and triple glazed units so if any of them do break down we will it changed swiftly and with no fuss.

13. How do you clean UPVC and how do I maintain my windows and doors?
Once your installation is complete we send you a comprehesive maintenance guide.  We recommend that all UPVC is washed down every six months with warm, soapy water and that all hinges and locks (i.e. all moving parts) are oiled with 3-in-1 oil spray at least every six months.

14. Do you offer special offers like some companies advertise on TV?
NO!!!! We don't believe in offering a 'RIDICULOUS 50% DISCOUNT' - if a company can offer a crazy discount then they have to marked up their prices in the first place.  Our sales technique is very pressure, no hassle and we give you the most competitive price we can from the outset with out trying to confuse you and cajool you into buying from us.  Oh, and we don't offer 'BUY ONE GET ONE FREE' or 'BUY THE FRONT GET THE BACK FREE'.  Simple, honest and fair is a much nicer way to deal with our customers.

15. Is double glazing better than triple glazing?
A-rated double glazing is the minimum you should now expect for your windows and doors.  Triple glazing is only beneficial if you increase the overall thickness of the glass unit (i.e. it makes no difference adding a third pane of glass in to a 28mm double glazed unit which is why with our triple glazing we offer a 36mm glass unit).  36mm triple glazing will provide significantly more noise resistance and heat insulation than current 28mm double glazing.

16. Do you use Pilkington-K Glass?
YES - we proudly use 28mm Pilkington's KS (soft coat) double glazing and 36mm Pilkington's KS (soft coat) triple glazing.  Both options come with argon gas filling as standard and TGI warm edge spacer bar technology for maximum heat retention.

17. Do you offer Oak/wooden and internal doors?
Unfortunately we don't offer internal doors.

18. Can you install doors wide enough for wheelchair use?
Yes we can.  Naturally the door aperture width must allow us to do but a 1000mm wide door will more than meet building regulations for disability access.  We also offer low disability thresholds at no extra cost to ensure a nice smooth and even entry in to your property.

19. Can you fit a cat flap?
We certainly can.  Cat / dog flaps can be fitted in to either UPVC flat panel or into double and tripled glazed glass units.  All that we ask is that you provide the cat / dog flap and we will do the rest.

20. What is an orangery?
This is a question we are often asked.  Historically an orangery was a building in the grounds of fashionable residences from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, and given a classicised architectural form. In England orangeries were typically Georgian in style (examples include Kensington Palace and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew).  The term ‘orangery’ reflects the original use of these buildings as a place where citrus trees were often over wintered in tubs.  The simplest description of a modern orangery, is a room with a glazed lantern set into a flat roof.  The modern orangery may have any configuration of masonry or windows and doors.  An orangery could become a kitchen extension, a dining room, a study, a light and airy living room, a room to entertain or perhaps a garden room. The choice is yours. Let your lifestyle decide.

21. Do you offer different colour PVC?
Traditonally UPVC was offered in white, Mahogany or light oak.  Gone are those days.  We now able to offer UPVC in white, clotted cream, a number of shades of grey, black, green, red and blue as well new timber effects such as Irish Oak, Walnut and Birch to name but a few.

22. Do I need planning permission or building regulations?
Certain conservatory installations (and a very limited number of window and door installations) may need planning permission or building regulations approval - our friendly, helpful staff will be able to give appropriate advice.  On the whole most window and door installations don't require permission as they are covered by our registration with FENSA - the window industry's arm of building regulations.

23. Can I use my conservatory all year round?
Modern conservatories are now designed to be used all year round.  Considerably warmer in winter and cooler in the summer we have a style and design of conservatory to meet every budget and taste.

24. Will I need scaffolding?
Most installations do not require scaffolding although for health and safety reasons we may need to suggest scaffolding.  We offer this service 'at cost' to ensure that your budget is not stretched too much.  Our fitters have access to our own aluminium towers and may use these on certain installations where access is deemed to be tricky.

25. Do we do garage doors?
No we don't but we can highly recommend Northern Doors - their website is .

26. Is UPVC environmentally friendly?
Traditional UPVC used recycled materials, however, modern products are now virgin UPVC which guarantees the plastic will not discolour.  That doesn't mean to say as business we are not doing our bit to help the environment...we have a dedicated skip employee who tries to minimise the usage of our land fill skip by utilising our plastic recycling skips and glass recycling skips.

27. Will my fascias discolour over time? 
All of our products come with a 10 year guarantee against discolouration.

28. Do you do electrics, plastering after my conservatory/porch as been built?
We are proud to offer the whole package.  We will gladly give you a price for as much or as little as you like.

29. Are you FENSA registered?
Yes we are - our registration number is 11123.

30. What is FENSA?
FENSA (Fenestration Self Assessment Scheme) is the industry's gold standard for replacement window and door installers self-certifying compliance with the building regulations.  Please don't be fooled though in to thinking that your FENSA certificate is your window and door warranty (which is what most window firms will have you believe).  Your certificate is your building regulations approval notice (which you will need when you sell your house) - it is not a warranty.  We offer a comprehensive 10 year warranty as standard, insurance backed through the Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS).