Conservatories and Porches


Room to relax.  Room to dine. Room to work.  The appeal of being outdoors with the comfort and convenience of being inside – all year round.

Choose one of our stylish conservatories and you’ll discover the freedom of a totally different world.

Conservatories we have fitted…

Add space.  Add value.  Add style.  Add a new dimension to your life.  Our superior quality conservatories are expertly constructed using only the finest Rehau Total 70c system – so they will not only stay looking good for many, many years they are also guaranteed to complement your property perfectly.

We have an enviable reputation for our thoroughly professional approach and pride ourselves on the friendly knowledgeable guidance we offer at every stage of design and installation  From helping you plan and choose the conservatory that best matches your needs and home, to the attention we pay to details such as final finishing and planning permission or building regulations we will be there to help every step of the way.

We offer a huge variety of conservatories and orangeries to suit every style of home, every taste and every pocket.   There’s the traditional Victorian, the classic Edwardian, the versatile lean-to sunroom, the popular glazed orangery lantern or the particularly ight and airy gable ended conservatory.

Modern conservatories don’t need to be chilly in the winter and sweltering in the summer.  Advances in roof materials and design, glazing and ventilation, mean that you can use your new room all year round.  And, because our windows and doors come with the highest specification Secure by Design Police approved locks you can be sure that your new living space isn’t just warm and stylish, but it’s secure and weatherproof too.

No matter which type of conservatory you choose we will arrange everything from start to finish….which means all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

The features that typify Edwardian conservatories are strong bold lines, efficient design and a feeling of space. These characteristics could lend themselves perfectly to the design of your new conservatory. The classic design of the Edwardian conservatory is a square or rectangular shape with a sloping roof from a central ridge. They have the sharp sleek lines typical of the Edwardian age. The simple design means that the space inside can be utilised that much more efficiently. The Edwardian style effectively provides a nice compromise between the stylish and elegant Victorian conservatories and newer practical ones.

Adding an Edwardian Conservatory from Everite Windows is far less disruptive than a typical home extension. In fact hundreds of letters and customer feedback surveys from satisfied customers testify how stress-free the experience we offer is.  We will take care of all necessary Planning Permission & Building Regulations, if required, for the installation of your Edwardian Conservatory with your local authority.  We undertake, and fully guarantee for 10 years, all groundwork, insulated cavity walls and conservatory plasterwork and any electrics, plumbing or tiling requirements that you may have.

Choose from our Solar Controlled Glass Roofs or the latest Polycarbonate Roof for your Edwardian Conservatory.

The full range of custom-made Edwardian Conservatories from Everite Windows use the most advanced roofing solutions available today as standard.

Enviroglas Solar Glass Roof

Our Edwardian Conservatories have access to a range of solar control glazing options, with our unique glass range providing the main option for solar control.
Solar control properties work in two ways, first by reducing unwanted heat gain in the summer, and second by reducing unwanted heat loss in the winter.
This works thanks to the treatment that the glass undergoes during manufacture. Firstly, the outside of the glass is treated to reflect unwanted summer rays and prevent them from entering your Edwardian Conservatory and causing it to overheat. Secondly, inside the glass has been treated to reduce the amount of heat radiation and therefore heat loss, by absorbing and reflecting the heat into the room as it tries to pass back through the glass.

Polycarbonate Roof

A second option for your Edwardian Conservatory roof is the Polycarbonate roof. It helps to maintain a comfortable internal temperature using its integral solar protection that prevents up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy from entering the conservatory through the roof.  Our polycarbonate roofs will reduce glare by up to 86%, increasing comfort levels in your Edwardian Conservatory. In winter, most of the heat lost escapes through the roof; with our polycarbonate roof, a large proportion of rising heat is radiated back into the room, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures and reducing heating costs.

View video on Guardian Roof System: