Triple Glazing

At Everite Windows we offer superior quality Rehau Total 70C A-rated double glazed windows as standard.

Our windows far exceed the minimum Government ‘C’ ratings but if you are looking for that little bit of extra insulation and noise reduction then triple glazing may be of interest.

Triple glazed windows keep more heat in each room where older, less efficient windows simply let it escape and, in turn, they reduce UK household carbon emissions. The specially selected internal pane of soft coat glass used in triple glazing reflects heat back into the room as it tries to escape.

Any heat that does pass through the internal pane is reflected by a second pane of soft coat glass. This second pane also creates two cavities (as opposed to just one) that are filled with Argon; an inert gas which, together with warm-edge spacer bars, controls the transfer of heat extremely effectively.

A third pane of glass, by definition, makes a triple glazed window much harder to break than a double glazed window – especially when the second (middle) pane is made of toughened glass. What’s more, Everite Windows triple glazed windows are internally beaded which means that the triple glazed window can only be removed from inside the home, thus making it impossible for intruders to enter your home by removing the glass sealed unit from the outside.

Like all Everite Windows products, triple glazing incorporate only the best hardware that has been quality tested and proven to provide formidable security. You can rest assured that your family and belongings are safe behind our triple glazed windows.